A new and refreshing 'replacement' for your typical Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot is here. The mission, to make a direct and positive impact on the community we call home. An impact that is tangible and that can be felt on a local level.


Proceeds from each year are given to a nominated family or person in the community who is facing a hardship. This is done each year through nominations by real community members and families. For more about this year's nomination click HERE

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2021 Hardship Gift Nomination:

We have selected the nomination for this year's Hardship Gift. It wasn't a difficult selection... We received nearly 20 different nominations for Kamden! Below is one of the submissions:


"Kamden is an amazing 5 year old boy going through a fight no child should ever have to go through. He was diagnosed in June with a medulloblastoma, or a brain tumor that had spread to his spine. He had brain surgery, and is now going through chemo and just had surgery to put in a feeding tube into his stomach. This sweet boy is supposed to be starting kindergarten this year, and instead he has spent most of his summer in the hospital. His mom had a baby 4 weeks before Kamden's diagnosis. This family's lives have been turned upside down in a way no one should ever be. Healthcare costs are astronomical, even with insurance. Then when you add in the expenses no one thinks about such as gas to and from the hospital, cost of food at the hospital, childcare for an infant so Erica can be with Kamden, and now Erica is not going back to work so she can devote her time to Kamden. This family is very deserving of this."



If you would like to submit a nomination for this year's Pilgrimage Run Hardship Gift donation, please use the below form. For your nominee to be considered, you must submit the form by the below deadline. 


Click this LINK or fill out the form below.





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