COVID19 policy (posted 7/21/20)

 If The Pilgrimage Run is forced to cancel due to social distancing orders, we will notify everybody at latest, 3 weeks prior to the event date. At this point in time nothing has changed for The Pilgrimage Run.

If it is illegal to host the event on November 26th, we have a couple options for you.

Option 1: Participate in a Pilgrimage Run 'Virtual run' and also receive a 40% off discount code for the 2021 event. (as a small business, this option would be our most favored. Honestly, no pressure to choose option 1 if it doesn't fit your current situation)​

We would mail your 2020 event shirt(s) and bib number to you.
Discount code would be emailed to you when the 2021 registration opens.
We'll give you a virtual high-five!

​​Option 2: Transfer your registration(s) to 2021.

​Option 3: Receive full refund if:

​What if you are still not personally comfortable with being part of an event on November 26th when it is not cancelled?

In this situation, since there is no cancellation, we'll happily transfer your registration to the 2021 event but could not offer you a refund.

There are many variables and it’s impossible to know what will happen as we type this on July 21st since things are changing weekly! But the short answer is yes, you will have an option for full refund if the event can not take place in 2020 and you choose option 3.


HUGE THANK YOU to all of our loyal Pilgrimage friends (you). As a small business we are doing everything we can to STAY in business during this time to bring you another wonderful Pilgrimage Run!


Regardless of what happens we would we are still taking donations for the Hardship award, which has never been more important! You can do this HERE

We appreciate you and we do not take you for granted.





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