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2020 Pilgrimage Run - Twice the Safety, Twice the Fun

Okay, we know you have heard this a million times already, but 2020 really is a difficult year. Whether your family was affected physically, mentally, or financially it has been a year of many obstacles. We can only write from our perspective here. We are all different and we all have experienced difficulties at variant degrees. However, as husbands, fathers, business owners, and local Erie residents, we recognize the importance of cultivating a healthy community where we live. Healthy physically, mentally, and financially.

Que the 2020 Pilgrimage Run! We have been doing this run for the last several years, and in a year like this, we feel that the community needs something fun to bring us together! And SAFELY we might add.

So how do we do this?

It all starts by registering for the 2020 Pilgrimage Run! Simple as that. We need the support, to make this event possible. How do we guarantee a safe registration? It's all digital. There are no walkup or day of registrations for this year's event. You're already on our website, might as well click the sign up button HERE. Your peace of mind is our top priority. So rest assured that when you register, you will not be in contact with another person.

Okay... so I registered. How does packet pickup work?

Traditionally, packet pickup is a walk up exchange where participants show event staff their tickets, and receive their Pilgrimage Run t-shirts and race bibs in return. This year will look a little different however. If we don't say so ourselves, this year might be the most smooth and least stressful packet-pickup of our lives.

Participants will show up for our designated packet-pickup time: Wednesday, November 25, Noon - 7pm at the Erie Community Center parking lot. This is a drive through ONLY. You will not exit your cars. By formatting the packet-pickup in this way, we are adhering to a number of things.

1) We are maintaining social distance, by keeping participants in their cars and limiting the number of people interacting at any given time.

2) We are cutting back on physical contact between event staff and participants. T-shirts and bibs will be prepacked according to t-shirt size. Make sure you bring your ticket and ask for the size that you selected during registration.

3) We are reducing the amount of time it takes to receive your race day gear. Having implemented this strategy for our 4th of July Firecracker Run in Nisswa, Minnesota, we found that this strategy is the most effective way to avoid long lines and over crowding of people.

During this time, all of our staff will be wearing face masks to help minimize any risk of virus contact through this quick exchange of tickets and race gear. We encourage you to take any precautions you feel comfortable with.

Perfect! I have my t-shirt and bib... Now what?

The Pilgrimage Run is going to be split into two days this year Thursday, November 26 (Thanksgiving morning) and Friday, November 27 (Black Friday). Think of this year's running waves, as tee times in golf. Start groups will be in waves of 25 people with groups of 10 people starting at a time (waves scheduled every 10 minutes). We ask you to show up to your designated wave, no sooner than 30 minutes before your start time. Again, this is to adhere to the guidance and regulations as presented by the CDC and State of Colorado. We are taking every precaution to minimize overcrowding and the potential for contact with any virus this winter.

We will be sending out an email to all registered participants on Sunday, November 22 with a link to a Google Form to submit your start group requests. This will allow you to participate in the same wave and day as your family/ friends.

Now: Start picking/coordinating with your group. Designate who will submit the form so you are ready to go on November 22. ONLY ONE PERSON SUBMITS THEIR GROUP IN THE GOOGLE FORM.

November 22: Google Form will be sent by email to all registered participants.

November 23: Forms must be submitted by end of the day through the Google Form ONLY.

November 24: Start times will be sent to each person via email. If you do not designate a group you would like to run with, you will be placed randomly with other participants.

Tell me more about the Google Form!

You will have the option to choose your preferred day for your wave, but not start time. Preferred days will be given in the order that we receive your Google Form Group Requests. Again, if we do not receive a form with your name on it, we will randomly select an open wave and day for your start time.

Sounds good! Tell me about the race itself. How will it look this year?

We will upload maps on the website for print, as well as email them to you in the pre-event email to participants. You can take this with you to help navigate. Rest easy, because course signage and marking will be abundant. We will have all normal course markings and mile markers for both 2 mile and 4 mile courses. Reminder that runners/walkers must follow pedestrian law if you choose to do the course.

The traditional start line and finish line arch will be accompanied by an announcer and music for all participants. We will also still have the "Thankful" chalkboards and photo stage for all participants. This year however, we encourage you to get your "to-go" hot chocolate, coffee, beer/cider at the finish line, and hit the road once you are done. This is to adhere to the social distancing guidelines as presented by the CDC and State of Colorado.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Event staff will be wearing a mask at all times. We encourage our participants to wear their mask while in the start line and finish festival area. Once you are on course as a runner, wearing a mask is at your discretion. Please be mindful of those around you.

This is good information. Sell me on it.

As we wrote earlier, 2020 has been a year of many difficulties. The Pilgrimage Run has developed a strategy with safety as our top priority, and still found a way to keep this holiday tradition of fun going. Have you been slacking on your fitness this year? Are you missing your friends and family? Do you want to unwind and enjoy being part of the Erie Community? Then please join us for the 2020 Pilgrimage Run on November 26/27, for a tradition of giving back.

In addition to overall health and wellbeing, participants have the opportunity to give back to a member of our community in need. This is done through the Pilgrimage Run Hardship Gift donation. Each year, participants nominate someone they know in need to receive financial help. Last year through the generous donations of the Erie Community, we were able to provide $1,800 to an Erie family that needed our help. Our goal is to reach $2,000 for this year's Hardship Gift donation.

Please join us this year with the goal of giving to others, and supporting each other in all areas of life!


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